Sadistic Satyrs

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    Added: 2011-04-05
    Duration: 2:38
    Views: 123
    Tags: sadistic, satyrs, circumstances, itís, fair, leave, guy, hanging, youíre, fetish, movie, upside, blindfold, over, eyes, worries, precarious, arousing, position, smooth, slender, gabriel, díalessandro, beginning, em, /em, mercy, gay, pornís, notorious, pigs, exciting, new, release, satyr, f
    Under most circumstances, itís not fair to leave a guy just hanging around. When youíre in a fetish movie, though, hanging upside down with a blindfold over your eyes is the least of your worries. This is the precarious yet arousing position that we find smooth, slender Gabriel DíAlessandro in at the beginning of Sadistic Satyrs. He is at the mercy of some of gay fetish pornís most notorious pigs in this exciting new release from Satyr Films. There is more than one kind of suspense going on as this movie begins. Youíll feel suspense of your own as you wait and watch Gabriel hanging there awaiting his erotic fate. But you wonít have to wait for long, because soon the sound of boots on the floor can be heard approaching. Luke Warm strides up to his new fuck toy as his hard cock bounces along, pointing his way like a sexual compass. His first destination is Gabrielís piggy mouth, whose lubrication Luke ensures by spitting into it before throat-fucking him. But Gabrielís little asshole is also appealing, and Luke takes the time to rim that rosebud for a moment, getting it nice and wet for his hand to slide right in there. Lucky Gabriel gets the insanely erotic simultaneous triple pleasure of sucking cock while having his own cock and balls licked and his asshole finger-fucked. But Luke isnít entirely pleased with the way Gabriel is letting him fuck his mouth, so the submissive pig gets a vicious nipple biting to make sure he understands he needs to get that mouth open wide. Fit, chrome-domed John Adams walks in on this scene sporting his own impressive erection. While he waits his turn to fuck Gabrielís throat, John takes over rimming that tasty asshole. When masked, bandanna-wearing Rock Bottom arrives he makes sure Gabriel will never be the same. Rock has a dildo the size of a Billy club and heís not shy about shoving it down into the helpless bottomís asshole. When Luke bites down hard on his nipple, Gabrielís mouth flies open in a cry of pleasurable pain, and Rock makes sure to fill the opening with his throbbing dick. Rock is known for his enthusiastic throat-fucking prowess, and Gabriel is a lucky pig indeed, getting his cake hole filled with this topís thick, juicy cock. But wait, thereís a twist! It turns out Gabriel is straight and has a girlfriend who doesnít know heís here. With three horny, determined tops twirling him around and shoving toys (even the end of a chain) and their dicks into both his holes, Gabriel is a busy boy. Luke, John, and Rock make Gabriel their human fuck toy, and as much as he groans and moans, he certainly does love taking a big dick into each hole. If youíre into total domination of a greedy bottom pig, then this scene is going to drive you over the edge. But Gabriel is tired out and needs a break long before theyíre ready to quit, so stick around to see Rock Bottom live up to his name. His turn at being the bottom involves extreme penetration with various objects and a group pounding that you must see to believe. Itís best of all when Gabriel and Rock kiss while facing each other as both their assholes get slammed. After such an intense, nearly hour-long orgy, itís understandable that the guys need to move to the showers. That doesnít mean things get any cleaner, though. Gabriel gets a water enema from Rock, but then itís Rockís turn once again to prove why heís called Rock Bottom. You wonít believe what this pig is capable of taking. You may not last to the end, but you shouldnít miss the explosive finish. Directors Chad Ryan and Nick Cutts know how to get all the best angles and close-ups to make the utmost of an already hot group sex scenario. The bottoms are able to take a lot, and the tops certainly make sure to push them to their limits. Sadistic Satyrs lives up to its name and is one of the most ruthless gay fetish titles in recent memory.

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